Price: 6,450 DKK incl. VAT

Weight: Approximately 80 kg fireworks

Duration: 5-7 min.

Contains: 20 pcs. 30 mm Cakes, 6 pcs. 30 mm Effect Tubes and 3 Golden fountains.

The Regular Fireworks is only “regular” by name and when compared to the bigger shows. The foundation of the show is different quality Cakes of 30 mm with rich colours and include the popular gold and silver effects. It also includes a range of 6 Effect Tubes and a set-up of 3 golden Fountains with 10 m high cascades of golden Crackling. The safety distance on this show is only 25 meters making it possible for the audience to get a very intense experience close to the fireworks.

Price: 9,950 DKK excl. VAT

Weight: Approximately 150 kg fireworks.

Duration: 7-10 min.

Includes: Professional items: 75 mm Cakes, 10 pcs. 60 mm Effect Tubes, 70 pcs. large Display Shells. 15 pcs. 30 mm Cakes.

The Silver Firework display is a true professional fireworks which incorporates high-caliber effects. The show includes major professional Cakes, Effect Tubes, red Roman Candles and great quality Display Shells. This firework display is well suited for large parties or for those who want an impressive climax to their event. The Silver Firework display is designed for the occasion by a pyrotechnician. The show ends with a grand finale that takes up the entire sky.

Price: 14,950 DKK excl. Moms

Weight: Approximately 200 kg fireworks

Duration: 7-10 min.

Includes: Professional items: 75 mm Cakes, 20 pcs. 60 mm Effect Tubes, 150 pcs. large Display Shells.

Trier Fireworks’ Gold show consists entirely of large Display Shells and special items. The focus here is not only on an increased amount of Cakes but on professionally specialized Cakes and high quality Display Shells. This show is a truly extraordinary climax to the festival, the big party or event. The Gold Fireworks is specifically designed for the occasion and the show ends with a huge finale, which covers the entire sky.


Price: 19,950 DKK excl. VAT.

Weight: About 250 kg fireworks.

Duration: 7-10 min.

Includes: Professional items: 75 mm Cakes, 30 pcs. 60 mm Effect Tubes, 200 pcs. large Display Shells.

Trier Fireworks’ Platinum show is an upgrade of the Gold Firework show and therefore contains even more great professional items. This show offers a truly extraordinary climax to the festival, the big party or event. The Platinum Fireworks is specifically designed for the occasion. The show concludes with a huge finale, which fills the entire sky.

Price: 24,950 DKK excl. VAT .

Weight: about 300 kg fireworks.

Duration: 7-10 min .

Includes: Professional items : 75 mm Cakes, 40 pcs . 60 mm Effect Tubes, 250 pcs. large Display Shells.

The Diamond Fireworks display is a Bombardment of absolute luxury which consists only of quality effects. Needless to say, the Diamond fireworks show is our best and most skillfully composed show. You get a unique firework display in glittering luxury class! Pyrotechnician Martin Trier who acquired his skills from Tivoli, designed the show with 250 Display Shells, of which 100 are of exceptional caliber. The fireworks also contains a number of special effects such as specific Fan Shapes, Fountain and Effect Tube setups in elegant patterns. This fireworks display is great for public events such as festivals , company parties or as an extraordinary climax to a party. All in all, a magnificent show with what feels like a never-ending finale!

A music controlled firework display adds a new dimension to the experience.

With Trier Fireworks’ music controlled show, you get a meticulously planned fireworks display – in which every single effect, from the individual small Comet to the complex Display Shell , is in perfect coordination with the music. We have the latest equipment within computer-controlled firing system. Each effect is connected to the firing system which is controlled by a computer which is pre-programmed to activate each effect to the last beat in the music timeline. Typically, 700-1000 different ignitions in a show of 12-15 min. classical music like Bach and Beethoven forms a great soundtrack but rhythmic music is also used to build a climax. The music controlled fireworks is a complete sensational experience where music and colours merge into a synthesis. Please contact us for price.

Trier Fireworks also composes fireworks in the other price categories than those described above. Contact us for more information on what we can offer.

We take care of all applications and approvals.

All offers includes:

• Application for a permit from the municipality

• Application for permission from the landowner

• Insurance

• Transport of dangerous goods in an approved vehicle

• Electric ignition with remote ignition system

• Cleanup and disposal of waste for recycling after the show

• Closing off the entire area before installing fireworks

• 4 men’s work X 12 hours per show

• DVD recording of the show in HD quality 

• Preparation of the show after customer’s special request

• Please allow extra travel expenses for shows in North and South Jutland



Applications must be submitted latest 14 days before the show to allow the municipality and fire inspector to process them.