Trier Fireworks

At Trier Fireworks, we deal with professional stage fireworks and fireworks for parties and special occasion. Based on quality products from Chinese and European fireworks factories, we offer design and execution of stage fireworks for concerts, wedding fireworks, music controlled fireworks, confetti and flame machines for concerts.

We offer fireworks display in all sizes and price range. Our experienced team of pyrotechnicians deliver high quality shows in all parts of the country. Call us on 29 70 07 42 or send an inquiry using the contact form.

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Wedding Fireworks

Put the icing on the cake with a fantastic fireworks display at your wedding!

Wedding fireworks are Trier Fireworks’ specialty and the traditional wedding fireworks is becoming increasingly popular in recent years. The wedding fireworks are big and skillfully composed display fireworks with high intensity. The components used include Fountains on racks, Wheels, Cakes, Roman Candles and high quality Display Shells. The show concludes with a  huge finale of overwhelming effects such as Golden Rain and twinkling stars that fill the entire sky. Surprise your guests with this amazing experience!